Sensoplex Unveils Rocket Platform, Allowing IOT And Wearable Companies To Build Fully Integrated Devices With Apple-Style Design Philosophy
Wednesday, April 08, 2015Sensoplex Inc., a world leader in the design and production of high performance IOT and wearable devices for sports, wellness, mHealth and consumer product companies, today announced its most advanced hardware and software development platform. The Rocket platform was developed in partnership with Spansion Inc., a global leader in embedded systems solutions, with NeuroSky an advanced biosensor company that enables insightful health and wellness biometrics in mobile and wearable devices, and with TE Connectivity, a global leader in connector, antenna, and sensor solutions. The Sensoplex Rocket platform enables companies in the wearables and IOT space to develop vertically integrated devices, using holistic techniques similar to Apple’s, with a fraction of the resources — freeing them up to focus on differentiating factors such industrial design, app development, and marketing.The Sensoplex Rocket development platform will be available as an evaluation and development kit platform (EVK and SDK) that will allow customers to quickly develop innovative wearable applications that can combine inertial, bio and environmental sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and ANT+ wireless protocols with ultra low-power processing. Sensoplex and TE Connectivity will demonstrate the solution at their respective booths at Wearable TechCon in Santa Clara on March 10 and 11th.

Sensoplex solves a major issue for companies that are entering the IOT and wearables space: the difficulty in rapidly bringing to market complex devices that require deep expertise in diverse areas such as sensors, wireless communication, and low power computing. The Rocket manufacturing-ready platform can be mass-produced as is, or rapidly customized for different form factors and specifications.

The platform includes the following:



x PDI air interface for wireless data communications over BLE or ANT+

·A variety of inertial, bio and environmental sensors

·Spansion FM3 microcontrollers with low-power management for battery-powered applications

·Spansion FL-S serial flash memory at 256Mb, which is ideal for small packaging and low power to store raw or processed sensor data.

·NeuroSky’s CardioChipTM, a single chip solution for accurate bio-signal detection and processing.

·Microphone for the detection and analysis of sounds.

·TE Connectivity’s wireless charging solution from its Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, California.

·Sensoplex APIs for customer firmware development

·Sample apps for Android and iOS with source code to aid in quick app development

·Additional Sensoplex design for manufacturing services

·FCC and CE certification, speeding time to market

·Manufacturing, fulfillment and warranty services

“We companies with limited resources to adopt a holistic and sophisticated product development approach, similar to Apple’s but without the huge cost associated with large engineering teams. Our objective is to provide key hardware and SDK building blocks that enable customers to deploy a wide range of wearable products while greatly reducing design complexity and time to market,” said Hamid Farzaneh, Sensoplex Co-Founder and CEO. “Our partnership with Spansion, NeuroSky and TE’s Wearables Lab will enable mush faster innovation in the wearables market, by creating a standard platform on which companies can build on.”



Sensoplex Unveils Rocket Platform, Allowing IOT And Wearable Companies To Build Fully Integrated Devices With Apple-Style Design Philosophy